Herewith the results of the Athletics SWD athletes at this year’s SA Sub-Youth, Youth, Junior and U23 Track and Field Championships that was held in Bloemfontein from 9 to 11 April 2015:

Sub Youth (15 years)
Alberts Juanic Javelin Throw – 34.11m (15th)
Botha Elmé Shot Put – 12.60 (7th) Hammer Throw – 35.66m (9th)
Geldenhuis Moné 5000m Walk – 28:56.91 (BRONZE)
Heenop Stephani Triple Jump – 10.25m (4th)
Josias Cadi 100m – 13.60 (6th) 200m – 26.66 (4th)
Meyer Britney-Ann 800m – 2:35.58 (8th) 3000m – 11:13.94 (13th)
Opperman Annica 300m Hurdles – 48.25 (4th)
Spogter Zainal 3000m – 12:19.85 (15th)
Strydom Meike Shot Put – 14.75m (GOLD)
Swanevelder Simonn High Jump – 1.55m (7th) Pole Vault – 1.80m (6th)
Van Rensburg Nolene 800m – 2:29.90 (8th) Long Jump – 4.85m (11th)
Van Tonder Elze Shot Put – 11.03m (13th) Discus Throw – 34.29m (8th)
White Micha-Maud Triple Jump – 9.37m (10th)

April Marno 100m – 11.58 (SF 7th) Long Jump – 6.16m (5th)
Beukes Barend Javelin Throw – 51.09m (6th)
Bouwer Adriaan Javelin Throw – 48.90m (8th) Shot Put – 12.53m (11th)
Dirks Adrian Discus Throw – 40.54m (15th)
Gauche Luke Long Jump – 5.77m (11th) 100m Hurdles – 14.78 (H 3rd)
Hermanus Joshua 100m Hurdles – 15.00 (H 5th)
Kaptein Waldo 3000m – 10:39.56 (12th)
Kleynhans Karel-Rudolph Hammer Throw – 48.60m (7th)
Klinck Johannes 100m Hurdles – 14.43 (5th) 300m Hurdles – 41.13 (SF 4th)
Nel André Javelin Throw – 46.28, (11th)
Niemand Clint-Jan Discus Throw – 41.36m (14th) Hammer Throw – 44.85m (9th)
Van Wyk Stefan 400m – 53.32 (2nd) Shot Put – 14.38m (6th)

Youth (17 years)
Hills Jamie-Louise Hammer Throw – 38.22m (14th)
La Grange Bianca 2000m SC – 8:11.67 (8th)
Oelofse Mariska Hammer Throw – 41.30m (10th)
Roux Andrée 100m Hurdles – 14.69 (SF 6th) 400m Hurdles – 64.79 (3th)
Serfontein Jeannie Hammer Throw – 39.25m (13th)
Sonnekus Chene 5000m Walk – 30:36.03 (6th)
Stander Githe 3000m – 12:02.80 (15th)
VD Merwe Minneke 100m Hurdles – 14.78 (H 3rd) Javelin Throw – 30.96 (13th)
Wolmarans Kiara Triple Jump – 10.76 (9th)

Alberts Anrico Long Jump – 6.43m (11th)
Boshoff Franco Shot Put – 15.16m (4th)
Botha Barry Discus Throw – 44.73m (9th)
Cronje Michael Shot Put – 13.99m (8th)
Fortuin Darryn 200m – 23.83 (5th)
Heyns Godwin 3000m – 9:38.47 (15th) 1500m – 4:09.61 (6th)
Meiring Lukas (Louis) Javelin Throw – 51.08m (13th)
Panda Thabiso 1500m – 4:20.71 (9th) 2000m SC – 6:58.23 (13th)
Pick Sherno High Jump – 1.95m (SILVER)
Van Wyk Elwich 10000m Walk – 52:04.14 (SILVER)

Junior (19 years)
Jansen Euniska 100m – 13.92 (7th)
Leen Marrida 800m – D.N.S. 1500m – 4:42.26 (4th)
Nortje Cirstie 100m – 12.44 (6th) 200m – 25.49 (5th)
Thirion Kayla Triple Jump – No Result
Van Dyk Jo-Ané Javelin Throw – 51.59m (GOLD)
Horn Lisa 3000m SC – 13:12.59 (7th)

Blaauw Arnoldus High Jump – No Result
Daries Janson 1500m – 4:18.92 (8th) 5000m – 15:35.90 (6th)
Dlepu Ruben 1500m – 4:17.81 (10th) 5000m – 15:24.10 (4th)
Ferreira Renaldo Shot Put – 15.40m (5th) Hammer Throw –45.15m(10th) Discus Throw – 41.14m (6th)
Kapank Franklin 400m – 51.22 (4th) 100m – 11.42 (6th)
Seekoei Jeremy 5000m – 15:43.03 (7th)
Stander Dylan 100m – 10.96 (6th) 200m – 22.90 (6th) Long Jump – 6.97m (6th)
Van Wyk Dylan 800m – 1:57.41 (4th) 1500m – 4:11.62 (9th)

Congratulations to all these athletes!

Photo 1 (fltr): Kelsy-Ann Mostert (LIMA – BRONZE) – Jo-Ané Van Dyk (ASWD – GOLD) –
Moses Gericke (ASWD President) – Zané Fourie (ACNW – SILVER)
(Zané marticulated from Outeniqua High School 2014)

D.N.S. = Did not start

The End

(Athletics SWD – General Manager)


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