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ASWD is a sporting organization witASWD-01h no political or social alignment to any body, or organization in the Republic of South Africa. ASWD is the sole organization administering and controlling athletics (Cross Country, Race Walking, Road Running, Track and Field & Trail Running) in South Western Districts within the boundaries as defined in the Delimitation Clause in ASA’s Constitution. ASWD is the sole body affiliated to ASA from within South Western Districts, as referred to in the Delimitation Clause in ASA’s Constitution and as such controls athletics in this Province. A Head Office of ASWD is based in George, established to carry out the administration of the Province, in accordance with the policies of ASA, at such address as may be determined by the Executive Board of ASWD from time to time. ASWD is a non profit organization responsible for overall development of athletics in the Province.


To promote the optimal development of athletics as a sport for all individuals in SWD.


In the pursuit of the mission the following objectives are regarded as basic corner stones to achieve the mission of ASWD.

  • To establish friendly, loyal and harmonious co-operation between all members, to facilitate efficient and effective administration, and to promote the best interest of athletes and athletics in the Province.
  • To maintain and extend a system of clubs throughout the Province, where membership is open to all members of the community that reside within the boundaries of the province, and who wish to participate in athletics. Such members will have access to registration, participation, coaching, technical officiating and other services provided by ASWD, provided that they comply with the Province’s membership requirements.
  • To continually strive to ensure that no form of discrimination is allowed (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, gender or otherwise), and to ensure that steps are taken to prevent such discrimination.
  • To compile and maintain the rules and regulations governing athletics in accordance with the Constitution of ASA and this Constitution.
  • To promote the development of officials, by hosting of theoretical and practical courses and examinations that will result in the registration of qualified officials, and to ensure availability of officials at all authorized athletics meetings in the Province.
  • To train aspirant coaches in the principles and methodology of coaching, that will result in them being registered as qualified coaches, and to organize refresher and advanced courses for qualified coaches. Such training is aimed at ensuring the availability of coaches for the benefit of all athletes.

To facilitate the co-operation of the various structures in ASWD with regard to, inter alia:

  • Awarding of Provincial Colours;
  • Liaison and affiliation with ASA and any other relevant organization;
  • Licensing of athletes, technical officials and coaches in South Western Districts;
  • Monitoring of athletes at all levels within ASWD;
  • An events calendar for holding of athletic meetings within ASWD, which shall be subject to approval by ASA;
  • Development program for ASWD;
  • Generally undertake all such activities as may be necessary, or incidental to the attainment of the objectives of athletics in ASWD.

And futhermore:

  • To maintain the rules affecting the amateur status, and the eligibility of athletes, to compete at athletics meetings in ASWD.
  • To promote of a spirit of dedication to the basic principles of fair competition in all respects, including the right of every athlete to strive to achieve provincial titles and colours, without being disadvantaged by administrative constraints, rulings or otherwise.
  • To promote athletics meetings and competitions, through its members, so as to ensure ample and equal access to competition by all athletes of recognized age groups in accordance with the mission and objectives of ASWD.
  • To identify requirements for training and competition facilities, and to strive to provide such facilities through representation to the appropriate authorities and other interested parties.
  • To participate fully in the affairs of the national governing body of athletes and their affiliated associates.
  • To strive for complete unification and transformation of athletics meetings at all levels.
  • To enforce the IAAF Doping Regulations in ASWD as laid down in the ASA Constitution.
  • To ensure that athletics events are hosted in disadvantaged communities, especially the rural areas.
  • To achieve all the objectives set out in the Constitution;
  • To eradicate the imbalances of the past by making athletics more accessible to disadvantaged persons in SWD.
  • To raise funds from whatever appropriate source for the purpose of promoting athletics in South Western Districts.

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Originally published in Distance Running Results. For subscription information, send an e-mail to rielh@mweb.co.za OBITUARY                                                                                
ASA National Athletics Records set in 2019
7 New National Records in 2019 and an incentive scheme for the new record holders announced by ASA. The athletes and their personal coaches will soon receive incentives for setting new ASA National Records in official events as follows: Senior Athlete Record incentive: R25 000:00 u/20 Athlete Record incentive: R10 000:00 Personal Coach incentive (Junior
ASWD Track and Field athletes shines in 2019
Mire Reinstorf, led the way with two ASA National titles in 2019. She won the 2019 Twizza ASA U18 pole vault title with 3.60m in Paarl. At the Sizwe 3Sixty ASA Senior Championships, she also won the senior gold medal and improved her height to 3.80m. At the end of the 2019 season that height

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ASWD is a sporting organization with no political or social alignment to any body, or organization in the Republic of South Africa. ASWD is the sole organization administering and controlling athletics in the South Western Districts Area.

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Use the following information to get in touch with us at Athletics SWD for any questions or queries

+27 (44) 873 0023
George Lily Center, Van Der Stel Square, George, 6530

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