Guide to hill training
Many runners view hills with enormous suspicion. They question the point of running up them and see them merely as a barrier to running faster and stronger. The problem is, that is simply wrong. Hills are a significant training tool and will help you maximise your performance in many ways. So don’t ignore them, run
How to improve your marathon time
Many runners take on their first marathon and love it so much, they can’t wait to run another one. For most, the instant ambition is to go faster next time around. So if you want to improve your speed over 26.2 miles (42km), or just run a quicker first marathon, here are some helpful tips
5 Surprising things to help you run faster
There is so much advice out there for things you can do to get better at running and a great deal of that information is the same. But there are some more surprising things you can do to improve your times and they involve ideas you might not necessarily have thought of. Caffeine Yes. Really.
5km Race mistakes to watch out for
It is pointless training hard for a certain goal for weeks of the year only to see all your hard work undone by a classic mistake or mistakes. In truth race disasters are most common in the longer distance events, but even though a 5k won’t take long to run, it can feel like a
13 Ways To Ruin Your Comrades
Running the Comrades Marathon is a daunting physical challenge: Slap two marathons together, add on another 5km, throw in some of the biggest hills in KZN and some hot and humid weather, and there’s little doubt that this race is one of the toughest single-day running events in the world. So you rarely find an
Lose 5kg For Good!
Most diets fail, says Dr Enette Larson-Meyer, a trail runner who heads the University of Wyoming nutrition and exercise lab. She does say that runners have half the weight-control puzzle solved by exercising regularly – but that the other half, eating less, is even more critical. Damn. ‘There’s no magic bullet,’ says the sports nutritionist,
How Much Should I Run?
Q: I do a weekend long run, plus a few easy half-hour weekday runs. Is that okay? Beginners-running Certified running coach (, Gina Meyers, answers: Yes, if you run only for fitness, you’re a beginner, or you’re content to do short races strictly for fun. But if you’re aiming for a PB in a 5-K

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