13 Ways To Ruin Your Comrades

Running the Comrades Marathon is a daunting physical challenge: Slap two marathons together, add on another 5km, throw in some of the biggest hills in KZN and some hot and humid weather, and there’s little doubt that this race is one of the toughest single-day running events in the world.

So you rarely find an unfit Comrades runner. Most of the entrants lining up on 1 June will have spent hours on the road, had too many too-early mornings, and will have sacrificed family and social time just to make it to the start line.

But I’ve witnessed many motivated and fit runners ruin their race day – despite all the training – because of simple (and often avoidable) mistakes. In compiling this list, I’ve looked at why many prospective Comrades runners make mistakes; and then I give you advice on how to prevent these potential disasters happening to you.

Avoid them, and all that hard work will reward you with the finish you deserve come race day.

1: The Early Peak
2: Miracle Product Syndrome
3: The Pasta Overload
4: Expo Legs
5: You’re Late For The Start
6: You Bonk
7: You Miscalculate Your Race Pace
8: You Drink Too Much
9: You Forget To Lube
10: You Drive The Route The Day Before
11: Second-Year Syndrome
12: You Start Walking Too Late
13: Stopping

Source: runnersworld.co.za


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