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The 12th running of the PetroSA 10, 21 and 42km road races will take place on 27 Sep 2014. The event forms part of the Mossel Bay Sports Festival.
This year the race is again being organised by Athletics SWD. In an endeavour to gain international status to future runs a number of arrangements are being put in place for the forthcoming event. We are going to need the support of all of Mossel Bay in order for this to happen.
Officials from the IAAF and from ASA will be present to monitor the road race. The route has been measured and certified by an IAAF route measurer. International athletes from at least five countries, all who have met certain qualifying standards will be taking part along with our own national, provincial and local athletes.

Some of these international runners are from French speaking countries. English is not their first language and then for some we even drive on the wrong side of the road!!

An appeal is therefore being made to all Mossel Bay drivers. Please exercise caution and patience on 27 Sep. The runners will be out on Louis Fourie Road between Santos Caravan Park and Hartenbos. Then they will also run on the R102 to Little Brak, Reebok and back again. Lets be accommodating to these runners – open our arms – be friendly and let these visitors leave our town happy and impressed. They will surely then be our best ambassadors – not only wanting to return in greater numbers to run – but also to market our warm hospitality and picturesque setting to other potential visitors.

PetroSA is showing their confidence in our local people to help in getting the international recognition (which will be a first in road running) awarded the event. As such PetroSA has put up more than R500 000 in prize money. A further R30 000 in time awards and R41 000 in incentives for our local athletes.

Runners will be out on our roads from 07h00 to approx 11h30. Drive that little more cautiously – it may take you 5 minutes more to reach your destination. This will be a small price to pay for the benefit of our people and our wonderful town.

The finish venue at Santos Caravan Park is open to all. Entrance is FREE There will be plenty of festivities. Foodstalls will be manned by local charities – Glenhoff (our own local brew) will have a beer tent and music. There is a childrens play area. Please come and support – join in the festivities – lets show these visitors what Mossel Bay is all about!! Diarize 27 Sep now!! We hope to see you there.

For more information kindly contact Michélle at the ASWD Office (044 873 0023) or visit our website on

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