2016 Meiringspoort 12.5km & 21.1km Newsletter May




May 2016 Meiringspoort 12.5km & 21.1km Newsletter 

Athletics SWD (ASWD), as the party responsible for the on-line entry process to the abovementioned event, wishes to place on record that not wanting a repeat of the 2015 entry misfortunes…


  • A new web hosting company was engaged. Numerous system enhancements and reforms went through various tests. Improvements were made to get the process more user friendly and efficient.
  • The server capacity was doubled in size.
  • Dummy runs were done and together with the web hosting company we were satisfied that the capacity was there to handle the entry spike on opening day.
  • Despite our best intentions this was not the case and sadly, in some instances, we were even worse off than during the 2015 experience – despite having web host engineers working flat out to resolve the issues.
  • This left us with no alternative other than to support the organizers, De Rust Striders (Meiringspoort 21.1 and 12.5km committee), to close down the entry site.

What now?

A total of 172 people entered successfully during this problematic process. These entries remain valid. Each of these should have received an email confirming the entry. If not, and funds were deducted from your bank account then please contact Anna-Marie on 0834088336 or at online@aswd.co.za. Entries made but not paid remain incomplete and will need to be redone once the entry process opens again.


Way forward.

We are grateful for all the suggestions and ideas offered with good intent. These, as always, are given the necessary consideration as the event continues to develop. Circumstances do however dictate what can be implemented where and when and what not.

With this in mind and in an endeavour to reduce the “spike” in entries on opening day a decision has been taken to introduce loyalty entries with immediate effect.


The entry process will then proceed as follows

  • Entries will again open on Saturday 4 June at 06H00
  • From 4 June to Friday 10 June only those entrants to the 2015 event (that were not substituted) will gain access to the entry form being identified by ID No.
  • On Saturday 11 June the remaining entries will become available to those whom did not qualify for a loyalty entry.

This decision has not been taken lightly. We understand that it may not find favour with all. However, in the circumstances, we believe that this is the best workable route to follow in the interest of the majority.


Entry Process

  • 4 June until 10 June the 2015 entrants (not substituted) Thereafter the “others”
  • At meiringspoort21.co.za click on “ENTER HERE”
  • An entry portal opens for you to log in with email address and password.
  • Complete the entry form and effect payment.
  • Upon successful completion receive email as confirmation of entry.
  • There is no need to be at your computer at 6am on 4th June when entries open! If you are a 2015 participant you will have a week to enter. The entries will not sell out during the week they are open to 2015 participants. So don’t panic and take your time.
  • Once the online entry form is submitted you have 48 hours to complete payment, failing which your entry will be expired and returned to the pool of entries for someone else to use.
  • If paying by credit card remember you’ll need to enter some form of one time pin to complete the credit card payment process.
  • Please contact Des Harris on 083 309 8732 or desharris2@yahoo.com should any issues be experienced on entering.

You can create your profile on the entry site (http://entrytickets.net)  anytime prior to the event opening on 4th June.


  • The normal substitution process will still be available from 17 to 30 August.
  • Charity entries will also be on offer at a later stage, as in the past.
  • Procedures for the aforementioned as well as those for Registration, Number and Chip (in need) collection will be communicated in later newsletters.

In Closing

Des Harris (shoot him if you want), on behalf of ASWD, researched and accepted the earlier failed process. This is no doing of the organizers, De Rust Striders (Meiringspoort 21.1 and 12.5km committee). All parties herewith offer an unconditional apology there being no wilful intent by any party or body.


We trust that the steps and processes now put in place will be accepted in the spirit that these have been taken. We will continue to strive to improve our service to you in order to exceed the expectations of the participant, the sponsors and the organizers alike.


ASWD Team.




Thank you to our generous sponsors:


  • Klein Karoo International
  • Klein Karoo Agri
  • Klein Karoo Toyota
  • De Rustica Olive Estate
  • De Zeekoe Guest Farm
  • JW Saad
  • AIFA
  • SAB Castle Lite
  • J & E Communications
  • James, King & Badenhorst Prokureurs
  • Rawson Properties
























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